What can be made out of plastic bottle lids

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In today’s video I will tell you a few ideas of what can be made out of plastic bottle lids.

We need for that: plastic bottle lid, lighter and toothpicks. First of all we need to prepare a toothpick. As it is sharp at the both ends, we cut one end with scissors.

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After that we take a lid in the left hand and hold it with the help of nippers not to burn the skin, then we need to heat the bottom of the lid with the lighter, it’s important to do it evenly. Then we need to force in the heated place with the cut end of the toothpick, and let’s see what we can get from this.

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So we get approximately such a semi-product, we take scissors and cut off the top.


That’s all. We get such a header, a dispenser for a plastic bottle. We take the lid, screw it on the bottle which you can fill with the glue or engine oil, and easily oil some small details. This header may be useful at the kitchen, you may fill the bottle with cream and paint on the cake with it.

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So let’s move to the second idea, I think it will be interesting for the fans of crossbows, mini guns and so on… So let’s try this method for manufacture of darts for air guns and pipes.

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