USB modding – a port for an old keyboard

Hi my dear friends! Today I decided to make a modding of my keyboard adding a USB port.


As many say that the forward ports aren’t safe, because flash drives often burn out. As for me it’s not convenient to use an extension cord, as the wire always hangs down or sticks up, bringing inconveniences. That’s why I’ve got the idea to add a USB port. Let’s start. I’m going to show you how I’m doing it and what is needed step by step. Firstly, let’s take keyboard do pieces.

screenshot_2 screenshot_3 screenshot_5

The main work is done, we just need to connect wires. It will be easy, because wires coincide by colors. So connect red with red, black with black, green with green and white with white.


That’s all. Such a little modding of keyboard is ready.


Thanks you so much for your attention. Bye-bye!

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