How to make a spiral wire

Hi my dear friends. I’d like to show you a great idea of how to make a spiral wire. First, we need a USB cable or a cell-phone, tablet or other charging cable, which confuses you and you want to shorten it. Then, we need an electrical tape, don’t use scotch tape as it melts


How to make a temperature controller for solderer

Hi! In today’s video I’ll show you how to make a stand with a temperature controller for solderer. First, we need a switch with resistor, you can buy it approximately for $4 and more. The price depends on quality. Note that it is on 220V, because there are the same switches for 12V. We also

How to make a nickel-chromium fret-saw cutter

Hello my dear friends! Today I’m going to show you in this video how you can make a nickel-chromium cutter with your own hands. First, we need to manufacture two wooden handles, in my case there are two pieces of a branch, then we need two long nails or two pieces of a firm wire,

How to make a spirit turbo burner up to +1500o C

Hello guys! Today I’d like to show you in my video how to make a hand made turbo burner with the flame temperature up to +1500o C. For manufacturing of a hand made turbo burner we need one candle, such a holder, which is taken from the hand made fondue. Those who haven’t seen that

How to make Gas-jet (up to 1000C)

Hello my dear friends! As usual, Roman is here with you. Today I’d like to tell you in this video how to make a gas-jet, its burn temperature will reach up to 10000C First we need two dropping bottles and two needles. The thicker needle is for inflating balls and the second one is from