How to make a splitter

Hello my dear friends. Roman is here with you as usual. The other day I decided to watch an interesting movie, but unfortunately, I couldn’t play it loud, as I wasn’t alone in the room. That moment I’ve got an idea to make an extension cord for headphones to watch films laying in bed, instead

How to make a sound intensifier

Hi my dear friends. Many of you asked me to show how to make a mini portable speaker for tablet, laptop or cell-phone. So in today’s video I’ll show you ho to make the simplest sound intensifier. It’s the simplest one, because it’s up to everyone to make it, even to a schoolboy. Its scheme


How to make a portable speaker for a cell-phone

Hi my dear friends! In today’s video I’ll show you how to make a speaker for a cell-phone or tablet, etc. Previously we have made a sound intensifier. Today we are going to make a body for this sound intensifier. It’s also can be made easily, I hope you’ll like this video. To make this

Speaker made of a balloon!How to make it?

Hello my dear friends! Roman is here with you as usual! Today I’d like to tell you how to make a speaker out of a simple balloon. We need to take a scotch tape, a balloon, a magnet and a copper wire. So, let’s start! First, we need to inflate the balloon. Then we take