How to upgrade a solderer

Hi my dear friends! I haven’t seen you for a whole year. Frankly speaking, I missed you so much, as well I missed the handmade crafts. As you might have noticed we are going to work on this nice background stand. We are going to use different tools. We will cut, file, stick on this


How to make a soldering iron with a candle

Hi my dear friends! In today’s video I’d like to show you a great idea on how to make the simplest soldering iron. To make the simplest soldering iron we need a candle, a small piece of a copper wire, one screw, wooden brick and a square piece of plywood or wood laminate and so


How to make a third hand for soldering

Hi my dear friends. In today’s video I’ll show you a brilliant idea about how to make a third hand for soldering. So in order to make the simplest third hand for soldering we need a piece of laminate, I have made three holes of 5 mm in it. We also need two bolts and

How to make a temperature controller for solderer

Hi! In today’s video I’ll show you how to make a stand with a temperature controller for solderer. First, we need a switch with resistor, you can buy it approximately for $4 and more. The price depends on quality. Note that it is on 220V, because there are the same switches for 12V. We also

How to make a Skype phone

Hello everybody! In today’s video I will show you how to make a hand made skype phone. In order to make it we need a telephone receiver with spring wire, a phone socket, a solderer, a soldering flux, two jack plugs of 3,5, nippers, a hacksaw, screw driver with the drill of 8 mm, and

How to make a compressed air barrel

Hello my dear friends! Roman is here with you as usual! Today I’d like to tell you how to make a compressed air barrel. Of course, before making this video I’ve read the information on the forums and watched a couple of videos, and noticed that almost everybody had the same construction as they were