How to upgrade a solderer

Hi my dear friends! I haven’t seen you for a whole year. Frankly speaking, I missed you so much, as well I missed the handmade crafts. As you might have noticed we are going to work on this nice background stand. We are going to use different tools. We will cut, file, stick on this


How to make a soldering iron with a candle

Hi my dear friends! In today’s video I’d like to show you a great idea on how to make the simplest soldering iron. To make the simplest soldering iron we need a candle, a small piece of a copper wire, one screw, wooden brick and a square piece of plywood or wood laminate and so


How to make a third hand for soldering

Hi my dear friends. In today’s video I’ll show you a brilliant idea about how to make a third hand for soldering. So in order to make the simplest third hand for soldering we need a piece of laminate, I have made three holes of 5 mm in it. We also need two bolts and

How to make a hydrogen generator part 2

Now we take wires and solder after one blade. Connection scheme is the same as the accumulator plates connection scheme. To help you with that scheme I’ll attach a photo in the left hand corner of the screen. Well, the hydrogen generator is ready. Let’s charge and test it. We’ll charge it with a simple

How to make Gas-jet (up to 1000C)

Hello my dear friends! As usual, Roman is here with you. Today I’d like to tell you in this video how to make a gas-jet, its burn temperature will reach up to 10000C First we need two dropping bottles and two needles. The thicker needle is for inflating balls and the second one is from