How to make a snowing ball

Hi dear friends and subscribers. As winter is coming soon I decided to make further videos on winter topics. I think that many people are waiting for frosty and snowy weather and, of course, winter holidays. As you may know, one of the most magical and fantastical winter souvenirs is a snowing ball, which is


How to make a New Year candlesticks

Hi my dear friends, dear subscribers. Today in this video I’d like to show you how to make a nice New Year candlestick. We need any salt, personally I chose bath salt with the ether oils, it means that our candlestick will be flavored, it depends on the flavor of the salt, a clean transparent

How to make a snowflake from the cartoon Frozen

Hello to everybody my dear friends. In todays video I want to show you how to make a snowflake in the form of a snowman from the cartoon Frozen. So what will we need for this?  To begin with, we need a piece of cardboard, or it is better to use a special cutting mat