How to pack a scotch tape compactly

Hi everybody! I think everyone encountered the problem of a scotch tape storage. As we all know it’s big enough to keep it in the schoolbag or in the tourist bag, or just in the bedside chest. Today I’m going to show you how to pack it compactly to store it in the pocket or

How to make a chocolate candle egg

Hi my dear friends! As far as Easter comes soon, so let’s make something for the holiday in this video. Let’s make a chocolate candle egg. This name may sound strange maybe weird because of the fact we will make both two things. So in order to make a candle in the shape of egg

How to make a hole in a glass bottle

Hello my dear friends! Roman is here with you as usual. Today I’d like to make a video answer to user with nickname Ali Kazemi Lari . There were two questions – one was how to make a hole in a glass bottle, and the second one was how to cut a glass bottle along.


How to put an image onto metal

Hello my dear friends! In today’s video I’d like to show you how to put any kind of image onto any kind of metal. This image is not possible to remove from metal, this mean is called etching. It is similar to engraving, but we won’t use a drill or any special headers. In order

How to make an invisible crib?

Hi everybody! As far as you know it’s not good to cheat. But what we can do, if we have to memorize a lot of information in a short period of time. Well, I’m going to tell you how to make a crib maximally invisible, transparent. We need a scotch tape, water, and a printed