How to print a picture on fabric

Hi guys! I guess you have already seen the video about how to print a photo or logo on your T-shirt with thermal transfer paper. However there were a lot of questions concerning that video, as not everyone could find thermal transfer paper in his/her town. That’s why I decided to make a simplified video,


How to put an image onto metal? Part 2

Wow! Guys, I’m really shocked. Look at this image, how clear it is! I am eager to move to etching. In order to etch it we need to stick all around this black frame with scotch properly to prevent metal from salt solution dropping. As if it drops on metal, it won’t look nice. Cut

How to put an image onto metal

Hello my dear friends! In today’s video I’d like to show you how to put any kind of image onto any kind of metal. This image is not possible to remove from metal, this mean is called etching. It is similar to engraving, but we won’t use a drill or any special headers. In order