How to make a broken through nail

Hello my dear friends. Last year before Halloween as well we have created the imitation of a nail in a finger. However this imitation was less realistic, as it was hard to believe that finger had been bandaged before the nail was pierced it through. In today’s video we are going to make it more

How to make a bench with a log without nails

Hi everybody! Today I decided to make a bench with a log without using nails. I need one log, I am going to use one meter log, and a motor saw. I’m going to explain you how I make it step by step. This is log. We have to devide it into a bigger and


How to make a coconut jewel-box

Hi guys! In today’s video I’m going o show you how to make a small jewel-box with the coconut. Girls can store there fashion jewellery such as earrings, rings, etc. I’m sure that boys will find the way to use this coconut too, as they can store some screw-bolts, nails, flash drives, adapters, small wires