How to make a splitter

Hello my dear friends. Roman is here with you as usual. The other day I decided to watch an interesting movie, but unfortunately, I couldn’t play it loud, as I wasn’t alone in the room. That moment I’ve got an idea to make an extension cord for headphones to watch films laying in bed, instead

How to make a lavalier stereo microphone

Hi my dear friends. According to your numerous requests in today’s video I’ll show you how to make an external lavalier stereo microphone. So in order to make a lavalier microphone we need two-conductor armored cable, I’ve got 3 meters here. If there would be troubles with the microphone we are going to shorten the


How to make a USB flashlight

Hi everybody! In today’s video I’ll show you how to make a USB flashlight for lap top. So we need a wire, USB jack, LED, and the foundation, on which we will install these all. As the foundation I took an old stove lighter as it has a corrugated part. If you haven’t got such