How to cut 19 tomatoes in a few seconds

Hello guys! I’ve read a wonderful article on how to cut 19 cherry tomatoes in a few seconds. I liked the idea very much, that’s why I decided to share it with you. . If you have to cut a lot of small cherry tomatoes, this idea is useful for you. To cut cherry tomatoes


How to choose a ripe and sweet watermelon

Hi guys! Unfortunately, the half of summer have been passed, it’s sad to remember, but the August is coming and there’s nothing we can do. Though, August and September may bring us some joy as these months are known for tasty watermelons. So in this video I’m going to show you how to choose watermelon


How to open a tin without a tin-opener

Hello to everybody! The weather is so beautiful, so many of you are going to the forest. And some of you might face such a situation, when you forget a bottle-opener at home and do not know how to open a tin. Today I want to show you how to open a tin with penknife.

How to make a spot (contact) welding

Hi my dear friends! In today’s video I’m going to show you a great idea of making a simple contact welding device, it’s often called a spot welding. In order to make such a simple welding device we need an accumulator. I’m going to use an accumulator for 12 Volt and 60 A. We also

How to upgrade a solderer

Hi my dear friends! I haven’t seen you for a whole year. Frankly speaking, I missed you so much, as well I missed the handmade crafts. As you might have noticed we are going to work on this nice background stand. We are going to use different tools. We will cut, file, stick on this


How to put a photo or image onto candle

Hello, dear friends. In today’s video I would like to show you such a great idea of how to make a unique gift for March 8. We will transfer your photos on a wax candle. So, we need an iron, a photograph or drawing printed on plain paper, and of course candle wax. I’m preparing

How to make fireballs with the mouth

Hi my dear friends! I think each of you had been interested in the question how does a fireman blow out the fire from the mouth. In today’s video I’ll try to tell and show you this. We are going to repeat it at home. Well, what is needed for this matter? We need to

How to make a wax rose /candle

Hey guys! February 14th, St. Valentine’s Day is aproaching, so in today’s video we will make a small gift — a rose of wax. Of course this rose can be presented as a usual souvenir, but if we add inside of it a wick, it will be possible to present it as a beautiful, decorative

How to make a mini bug robot

Hello my dear friends! In today’s video I’ll show you an interesting idea about how to make a bug robot! What do we need for making it? First of all we need two 3 mm LEDs, two pieces of the cooper wire of 7 cm long, a vibrator that you can take off from a