How to make a silicon mould with sealer

Hello my dear friends! In today’s video I’d like to show you how to make a silicon mould. First, we need any silicon sealer, hand cream, potato starch, toys or badges you would like to duplicate. You may even pour lead into moulds, if your silicon sealer is for temperature higher than 500-600 C. I

How to make a plate from the buttons

Hello my dear friends. In today’s video I’d like to show you a great idea of making a plate or vase from the buttons. For example, you may put there decorative apples or vine. After you put decorative fruits into the plate made of buttons, you may place it in the kitchen. I think it


How to make a present for the Valentine’s Day

Hi my dear friends! Roman is with you as usual. In this video I’d like to show you how to make an original souvenir for the St. Valentine’s Day. We need a piece of red fabric, I’m going to cut one from old Christmas hat, an out of work lamp, sponge for dish washing, a

How to make a butterfly napkin holder

Hi everybody! Today I’d like to show you one more idea of a present for the 8th of March. We are going to make a napkin holder. First, we need a stencil, which may be downloaded from our community Vkontakte, the link is in the description below the video. A plywood of 4-10 mm. I’m

How to make a reusable tube with your hands?

Hi my dear friends! In today`s video I`d like to show you a great idea of how to reuse a toothpaste tube. So we need a foil, empty tube, iron and any filler First I would like to answer to the comments of some wise heads who every time got used to write that that

How to make a smoke flare

Hi everybody! In order to make a smoke flare we need sugar, KNO3, NaHCO3, organic paint and a cup for mixing. The solution should consist of 50% of sugar, 60% of KNO3, one table-spoon of baking soda and a spoon of organic paint. Also, we need to heat a frying pan on a slow fire

How to make waterproof matches

Hello, dear friends! I think many of you remember how we were making waterproof matches last year. That variant was very complicated, because we used netrolak, aluminum dust and so on, but in today’s video, I will show a simple version. For making waterproof matches we need a gas burner, wax, matches, you can take


How to make an motor with straws

Hello, my dear friends! In today’s video I’ll show you how you can make a funny toy for children. It may be called the children’s helicopter or air motor, but it is very cool toy and a great entertainment for children. So what we will need to make here such an air motor. We need

How to make a third hand for soldering

Hi my dear friends. In today’s video I’ll show you a brilliant idea about how to make a third hand for soldering. So in order to make the simplest third hand for soldering we need a piece of laminate, I have made three holes of 5 mm in it. We also need two bolts and

How to put a photo or image onto candle

Hello, dear friends. In today’s video I would like to show you such a great idea of how to make a unique gift for March 8. We will transfer your photos on a wax candle. So, we need an iron, a photograph or drawing printed on plain paper, and of course candle wax. I’m preparing