How to make a butterfly napkin holder

Hi everybody! Today I’d like to show you one more idea of a present for the 8th of March. We are going to make a napkin holder. First, we need a stencil, which may be downloaded from our community Vkontakte, the link is in the description below the video. A plywood of 4-10 mm. I’m

How to make a holder for earrings

Hi everyone! As my girlfriend is making handmade earrings, she asked me to make a holder for them, so that she could take photos of the earrings before selling them. Today, I decided to show you how I’m going to make this holder. It’s very simple, so I’ll try to tell you all in the

How to make a balanced holder

Hi my dear friends! In today’s video I’d like to show you a brilliant idea of how to make a balanced champagne holder. I think this holder will look cool on the New Year’s table and it will look very unusual as well. What do we need in order to make such a holder? First,