How to make a mini hiding with the slippers

Hi my dear friends! Many of you asked me many times where I was and why there was no videos for so long. Those who are subscribed to my second channel knew that I was having a rest at Bukovel during that time. So if you haven’t known it yet, you should subscribe to my

Mini-hiding place made out of a pencil

Hi everyone! Roman is here with you as usual! Today in my video I’d like to show you how to make a hand made mini-hide section with the graphite pencil for cribs or passwords storage. First, we need a drill or a screw driver, one graphite pencil with the gum at its end, borer of

How to make mini-hiding

Hello my dear friends! After I had published the video on how to make a mini-hiding with a pencil, I received a lot of requests on skype, vkontakte, and dnoclassniki to make one more video about mini-hidings or some spy tricks. So in this video I’ll try to show you how to make a mini-hiding