How to make vampire fangs for Halloween

Hello guys! Recently, I have published photo with vampire fangs on Instagram, Facebook and Vkontakte. Many people asked me whether I have bought them or made it. I made them on my own with the forks as some of you guessed what I made it with Vkontakte. Today I’ll show you how I made it.


How to make an imitated skewer under the skin for Halloween

Hello guys! Halloween is coming soon, so I’d like to start making videos about this wonderful holiday. I hope you’ll be interested in it and you’ll be watching my reproductions. Today I’m going to show you the simplest imitation of a skewer in the arm. The video is very simple and it’s very easy to

How to make a mask “face copy”

Hi guys! Yes, here is the video you have been waiting so long. It’s about how to make a mask at home. You may call it a mask or a face copy, call it whatever you like. I was very pleased that I could finally intrigued you, as I posted a photo with the mask