How to make a plastic foam cutter

Hello my dear friends. Today I decided to make a table for nickel-chromium cutter. You may be wondering for what I need it, if the cutter works well. I need it to cut plastic foam. If we cut plastic foam with two handles, or even attach weight, it will cut not evenly, but curly, as


How to make a guideway for foam plastic floats

Hi my dear friends! First, I’d like t say that I’m very glad that a lot of you have supported the topic of making floats. This means that my idea may be helpful to someone. I don’t think that you’ll find such unusual floats elsewhere. So, I’m going to show you the second stage of


How to make a lathe for foam plastic balls

Hi my dear friends! These days I wanted to buy a few foam plastic balls in the shop for creativity to show you a few nice ideas of what can be made with such balls. I was very surprised by the price of one ball, because a medium ball of a fist size costs 3-4