How to make a coconut jewel-box

Hi guys! In today’s video I’m going o show you how to make a small jewel-box with the coconut. Girls can store there fashion jewellery such as earrings, rings, etc. I’m sure that boys will find the way to use this coconut too, as they can store some screw-bolts, nails, flash drives, adapters, small wires


USB modding – a port for an old keyboard

Hi my dear friends! Today I decided to make a modding of my keyboard adding a USB port. As many say that the forward ports aren’t safe, because flash drives often burn out. As for me it’s not convenient to use an extension cord, as the wire always hangs down or sticks up, bringing inconveniences.


How to make a USB flash drive-lighter

Hi guys! Well, recently I’ve dropped my flash drive, unfortunately. As you may see, it is loose now. Well, there’s no way to link it to the USB port, as it goes back each time I link it. Firstly, I had an idea just to glue it and fix it in this state. After that