Portable USB cell-phone charger

Hi everyone! In this video I’m going to show you how to make a portable USB charger on your own, which will be able to charge your iPhone, iPad or camera when you are outdoors.


We take two nine-volt batteries, one should be good and another one may be used. In the box we are going to insert all the internals, you may chose any box you’ve got…I took one out of American candies. We also need a switch, I removed it from the old cassette player. You may also remove it from some old player or broken toys. The main thing is USB charger for automobile which inserts into the cigarette lighter, you may buy it for 2-3 dollars and more. We are going to connect everything with the help of copper wires.


First of all we prepare a movable terminal for the battery. If you have some old toys where nine-volt batteries were used, you may remove a ready terminal from it. But if you don’t have such, you can make it like I do.

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We take the charger to pieces,

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than we have to connect all in series via the switch. There are always marks of plus and minus poles on the batteries, so when we insert the terminal we see that yellow wire connected to plus and red one is for minus. The charger has a more simple system – central wire or coil always has a plus pole and on the side there’s a minus.

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Portable charger is almost ready, we just need to insert it in the box. The scheme is quite simple, I hope you won’t have troubles with it: yellow central wire connected to the plus pole, I passed it through the switch and connected to the plus pole of the battery, and the red wire is connected to the minus poles.

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That’s it! Let’s test our portable charger, we connect the battery and you may see that there’s still a place for a reserve battery.


LED has lighted up, we connect USB.

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Thanks to such charger you may charge you iPhone approximately 2-3 times, and you want to charge your camera it depends on the quality of your battery and your accumulator capacity.
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