New Year hand crafts #2: cracker with a syringe

Hi everybody!
You can’t be always sure of a cracker on sale which was made in China, as all of them contain pyrotechnic elements. So today I’ll try to make a reusable safety New Year cracker for children.


We need a scotch or a sticky tape as it’s often called, two syringes of 50 ml,a balloon, and confetti, which you may cut out of a simple multicolor magazine.


Let’s start, and I’ll show you all without comments.

Screenshot_3 Screenshot_4 Screenshot_5 Screenshot_6 Screenshot_7 Screenshot_8 Screenshot_9 Screenshot_10

That’s all. Cracker is ready. Let me explain you how it works. We remove protection cover for it’s charging, then we fill this camera with confetti, stretch a balloon and fix it with scotch properly to make it leakproof. After pressing the plunger, there’s a pressure in the camera, balloon bursts and confetti fly out. That’s all. I think that children will be happy with this safety New Year cracker. Thanks for your attention! Roman was here with you. Bye-bye everyone!

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