My recipe for barbecue from the pork

Hello to everybody! Today I decided to cook the barbecue, and show you how exactly I cook and marinate the meat. Of course there are so many different tips and recipes in the Internet that everyone try to do. It turns out that everyone makes it to his own taste.


The first thing I will tell you will be about the meat. Personally I chose the pork from all kinds of the meat. To my opinion the best part of the pig that you need to choose is pig’s back.
It turns out that during pig’s life, the less involved muscles are back muscles, because pig’s haunch muscles involved more and get tougher and it becomes stringy because of these muscles.
The meat from the back is more softer. I wanted to pick the pig’s back and it turned out that I took a little bit of meat from the ribs and also from from the back. Generally speaking here we got a cocktail.


I would like to tell you the size of the pieces and how you have to cut the meat. Many people say that the smaller pieces are cooked quickly, and some people say that if you cut into large pieces, the meat becomes jucier. Personally, I cut the meat into the medium pieces, because if I cut it into the small pieces, the meat will be dry and not juicy. If you cut the meat in the big pieces, it will be underdone. And we will keep it on fire too much. Skin will already be hard, but inside the meat will not be sintered. Now I’ll show you to what pieces I cut it. Generally, there are about such pieces. It turns out to be a middle piece, eight inches by five, here are the pieces.


You can even a little more, but important that no less, because the meat will be dry. And so here I am cutting the meat now I will do it and then I’ll continue to tell you how to cook the meat.


Of course I’m shocked when I saw how much meat was left, because sellers from the market are very tricky and it turns out that’s like a piece of bacon around and just a little piece of meat. They make cuts in a meat and wrap the meat with fat. And when you look at it, it is clear that everyone can see the meat and when you ask to cut, also they cut a piece of meat, and show that all meat is good and beautiful. From seven pounds of meat we get a kilo of fat. Well it is clear that it is not only pure fat, also we have the meat from ribs, but not only from the back, and it turns that ribs too.
Then we chop an onion. I took not too many onions, for example for six pounds of meat I took about five bulbs. I saw in the Internet that the onion contains a lot of sugar and when we cut it into rings, there is always quickly burnt, because it contains a lot of sugar. So they do the next thing. They pass onion through a meat grinder, then we got a cake.
They strain this cake through cheesecloth and get juice. And they marinade barbecue in this pickle juice . They strain it, because if it won’t be strained, this porridge obduce all the meat, it burns and the whole kebab turns ugly, such as crust, so I will cut 5 onions into rings. Let me first cut it and then I will tell you. Well, so I sliced onions, so here is what we’ve got.


Then I’ll marinate it all in a white dry wine. Of course, sometimes, I marinate the meat in ordinary potable water. Sometimes in a beer and it is also very tasty meat, it gets very soft.
In white wine, just like in the beer the meat turns very soft, so today I will marinate the meat in a white wine.


We have five or six pounds of meat and I will take two bottles of wine. One bottle is 0.75. The first bottle is poured, and now I pour the second bottle.
Then I took two seasonings. Seasoning is for normal kebabs. I liked it because it has a collection of any kind of herbs, and pepper, all we have is piecemeal and to the proportions that we need. We will not be afraid to use a lot of paper and salt. Here we have salt, sugar, red pepper, chili powder, onion, red pepper flakes, garlic, basil, cumin and many different herbs. And so, for 5-6 killogram meat I use two seasoninpacks for 30 grams. Let’s dissect it all and pour it like this.


I do not take the veal, because you’ve seen a worldwide scandal that we had, for example, under the pretext of the beef people sold horse meat. Of course it is very difficult to distinguish meat in the market. Someone says that the horse meat is more red in color than the beef. The simple man does not understand what the meat is this, because on the one TV show, they carried the meat to the laboratory where it was tested and got to know if it horse meat or beef. So if they carried the meat in the lab, we will not be able to understand what meat it is on the first side.


So I am all mixed up and now put everything into the refrigerator. Many people say that the two or three hours will be enough. Of course, you can marinate the fish for example before smoke her literally for half an hour or an hour, if it’s pickle for smoking, it is normal, because the fish absorbs marinade quickly. The pork is also rapidly absorbs the brine and marinade, but personally, I love when the meat is marinating the whole day and then it is soft and impregnated with this marinade. The meat gets very tasty.
But when it marinates a couple of hours, it feels like it did not marinate at all. I do not know, maybe it’s all my imagination. I hope that will not be comments that you properly pickled and better mineral water and it is not so, but that is my point of view, and I show how I do it. Everyone has their own ideas and everyone is marinating the meat by his own method. In general the meat will marrinate the whole day and tomorrow we will continue and I’ll show the whole process of how I’m going to fry the kebabs. Generally speakink see you tomorrow.
Here are the long-awaited second day my dear friends, because it can not wait to cook it all and of course, to eat all of it.


I do not know what could be nicer than to sit with your family or loved ones or friends with a piece of meat and a glass of red wine or even with a glass of beer. Let me put them on skewers and then I will continue shooting when I will come back to cook it.

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