Money printing machine with a simple secret

Hello my dear friends! Roman is here with you as usual. Today I’d like to tell you the secret of the trick with the money printing machine. Of course, as you noticed it was written in the brackets of the video title that this is the trick. However not everybody has noticed that and some people wrote me on skype and odnoklassniki that the want to buy this machine from me and asked how to make it? And someone even asked me “Aren’t you afraid that the police comes and amerces or closes you. Well, so it goes.


Let me tell you what things we need. There are two markers or two women mascara tubes, as in my case, then a scotch tape, a carton and some textile, or some soft paper.


First, we take a marker or a tube and just put it on the carton, then draw the line around it, and do the same thing nearby. Cut it out with the stationary knife and make such two equal semi-products. Then cut such stripes out of the carton. So you have to get such a box.


We are going to pass through these holes markers or such mascara tubes. Well, we passed them through and they are wrapping in such a way. Next, we have to cut out such a stripe of the paper or some soft textile. Then we take a piece of scotch tape and stick one end of the textile to the tube. After we stuck it, we start to roll it on the tube.


After we rolled it, we turn it back, and for example, see such end. This end of the textile we have to stick to another tube. The most important is to stick it this way, because if you stick it another way, we won’t get a result. We have to make it eight shaped. We take a piece of scotch tape and stick it on this side.


We have stuck all these, and now let’s roll all the textile on this tube. It looks like an optical illusion when we look from this side and from the back side, it seems that there are are to rolls, which are not connected with each other. So if we detach them, we will get an empty space. Indeed, they are connected with each other. As you can see, we wrap one roll, the second one is wrapping too. The same thing is when we wrap the second one, the first one is wrapping.


Now, I’m going to show you how to make this trick. For example, roll the tube, insert a real bank note, and wrap, it is wrapping on this roll.


Then we take a piece of paper, insert it at the reverse side, and the paper will wrap on another roll. And the bank we inserted before note will unwrap from the first roll. So let’s see what we will get. As you see, it wraps on this side and unwraps on another side.

Без имени-1

That is a little trick. Many of you, of course, have already known about its catch, and some people haven’t. I hope that you liked these two videos. Thanks for watching, don’t forget to subscribe, press thumb up. Bye-bye everyone!

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