Mini Makarov crossbow-gun

Hello my dear friends! In today’s video I’m going to show you how to make a Mini Makarov crossbow-gun. I think you have already guessed the reason why I called it so.


First you need a stencil, which you may download from our Vkontakte community, I’m leaving the link in the subscription to the video. A piece of plywood of 8 mm, to plastic forks, metal stationary clip, one elastic, a barbecue skewer and a white glue.


First of all we have to stick the stencil to the plywood, and then cut it with the fret saw. We have got such two semi-products.


Next we make a small deepening with the stationary knife for the skewer.


The next stage is assembly work. Stick two parts of the gun, stationary clip, two forks, and elastic after all.

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That’s all, my dear friends! Our Makarov mini crossbow-gun is ready,


we are going to do a little test. I’d like to thank you in advance for your attention! See you in the next video.


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