Mini hand-drill with fixed-spool reel

Hello my dear friends! Roman is here with you as usual. In today’s video I’d like to show you how to make a hand-drill with spinning reel


We need a glue pistol, a reel, a socket, any kind of deoil liquid, I’ve got spirits, a piece of hacksaw, and nippers or pliers.


First, we have to remove sheave, it won’t remove so easily as this reel has been in the boxes of mine for a long time, some tools. Then hold on this pivot or pin and pull it to the stop position and cut this pin with hacksaw. You may also take the reducing gear to pieces and pull it the pin out, but some gears may be connected to the pin, so it’s better to cut it off.


Then we have to deoil these two parts and stick the patron with a hot glue. By the way, many people asked me how a hot-melt glue fixes the socket on a borer, whether it is loose or not. That was alright, but as haven’t got another one, I removed this one from the borer, which was very hard to do. I couldn’t pull it out without pains, I had to heat a hot-melt glue around with solder, after that I’ve succeed to remove a socket. So if I ever have to choose between a hot-melt glue and a cold soldering, I would definitely choose a hot-melt glue, because it may be heated and a socket becomes removable when it is needed again. However it would be harder to remove it with cold soldering.

Screenshot_3Без имени-1

That’s all, a mini-drill is ready, and it drills well. As you could see, I’ve tried to drill wood particle board and a wooden bar of 1,5 cm, and made an experiment with aluminum plate of 2-3 mm. It’s convenient to handle, but this loop hinders a bit. If you want, you may cut off both loops, and make handle more convenient. As for me these loops are necessary, because I’m making this drill not for drilling the holes, but for another purpose. When this video gets 10 thousand likes I’ll publish another video, where I’ll show you the purpose of this drill and the construction I’ve installed with its help. That’s all for now. Thanks for your attention! Bye-bye everyone!

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