Mini gas solderer out of the lighter


Hello everyone! Recently I’ve been telling you how to make a gaming vibro-mouse with your own hands or how to make a troll for a fishing. And the main tool for their manufacturing was solderer.
After that many of you asked me how to make a solderer with your own hands
or what to use instead of it.
The easiest way to substitute a solderer is to heat a screwdriver on the stove and solder something with it. However this method is not effective because the screwdriver can cool down. I’ve been thinking a lot of how to make a solderer and what to use for that, and decided to make a solderer out of the lighters.
First, let me show you my ideas and flaws and then the conclusion I made.

The very first idea was to take a detachable connector from the TV-set, make such cuts to supply the flame with oxygen and insert a sting in it. However the construction wasn’t efficient because there was not enough oxygen and the lighter couldn’t light up.


The second construction was a bit more significant, but more efficient as I succeed to melt some tin metal with it. Here is a simple aluminum slab, I’ve made a box with it, here was a sting and when we light up the lighter, the sting heats and we can solder something.
The only flaw was that the whole construction heated together with the sting and it was hard to hold it in the hand.


The third idea was to drill three holes, pass bicycle spokes through them, insert a sting and wrap it with the copper wire. Disadvantage was that the construction was loose and there might be unpleasant and inconvenient to work with such a tool.


Of course, besides these three ideas there were a lot of others, for example, make such a box and insert the sting in it.


Another idea was to place such a sting, but it’s not efficient because of its thickness, it heats too long.


Now let’s move to the most efficient, low-cost and simple construction.
We need a lighter, it’s better to take more expensive lighters as they seem to be more qualitative. The lighters like this won’t fit as it’s impossible to hold it for a long time in one’s hand. As pawl begins to melt and the lighter gets broken in a short time. Best of all is to take a wind proof lighter as it’s flame temperature is higher and your solderer will heat faster. We also need a piece of a copper wire of a 4 mm in thickness, approximately, and a thin wire or a small clamp.


So let’s start!
We have to make a sting with such a copper wire, we take nippers, bend the wire and sharpen an end with the emery or a file.

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Then we take a thin wire or a clamp and attach it to the lighter.


Done! Mini gas solderer out of the lighter is ready, let’s test it.

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That’s all! We have got such a mini solderer.


Of course, it’s not efficient for the long work, because you need to charge the lighter often, but if it’s necessary to solder a few wires, I think that’s quite enough. Don’t forget to write comments and press thumb up and subscribe to the channel, and also leave your ideas or suggestions in comments or discussions. Thank you all for your attention! Bye-bye everyone!