Mega experiment with a water melon

Good evening dear friends! Summer comes to ending and today is the last day of summer. Therefore, I’d like to make something unusual and interesting for you. Today I’d like to make an experiment I’ve never made before. So you’ll be the witness of the result, whether it will be a success or fail. The experiment is that we will try to prepare ravioli in the water melon. I hope that it will be possible to prepare pasta or grits, eggs in it.


We need a water melon, ravioli, three skewers, tap water, knife and a table-spoon.


First of all, we have to cut out the lid. We are not going to cut the lid near fruit-stalk on its top, but cut it on one side. So we take a knife and cut it. Put aside the top. Then, take a table-spoon and remove flesh from the water melon. Remove all the liquid and the rest of flesh from the water melon. Scratch it a little bit. So we get a kind of pan. Scratch everything out of the lid too, or you may leave it. And I’m going to remove it.


Then, take two skewers and pierce the water melon through. Leave some more space from the edge, because I think that water melon skin will become softer, and it may fall down. One skewer…and the second one.


The third skewer we should put on the grill in such a way. First, move coal. Place the screwer, put the water melon. I’ll take one more skewer, as this one is too weak and it can flexes. I took one more skewer as this one is flexing. Then, put the water melon. Now we have got a safe construction. Move it a bit closer, that will do.


Pour the water, about half full, because we will put there ravioli, and water will go up. We are waiting for water to boil, and after that we will put ravioli there. Water has been boiled. Honestly, I thought that the water melon will be boiled too and become soft. However it’s alright for now, so I hope will be able to prepare ravioli in the water melon. Open the lid, put ravioli, then close the lid again and wait till ravioli go up, it will be a sign that they have been boiled. Open the lid, add ravioli. I’ve got about a kilogram or less. Ravioli are very tasty, made with chicken.


. Put them down and close the lid. We have to wait till ravioli lift up and get prepared. About 5-10 minutes have passed. Let’s open the lid and see whether ravioli are ready. Remove the lid. Well, guys, ravioli are ready. Let’s take one to try. It’s very hot, but very tasty. There’s some unusual taste like some freshness, it smells like water melon a bit. Frankly speaking, it’s awesome! I’m very glad that in the end of summer this experiment was a success.


It’s really amazing! I’m very happy! I’ll always cook this way, or do it to astonish my friends when we will go to forest, and there will be a water melon, eggs, pasta or some grits to cook it in it. I think that it’s possible to prepare grits or past as well, so it’s no matter what to cook there. You may see that water melon got softer, and it will end up in about 10-15 minutes. I think that coal heat the skin of the water melon, it becomes elastic, and food is able to boil. That’s great. It’s not a fake. I’m going to turn this water melon. However it’s clear that the water doesn’t leak and it’s unbroken. There are no more ravioli. They are so beautiful. Awesome! Put ravioli aside. Let’s put out the fire with this water from the water melon. Turn it down. Well, here is what we have got. Put the water melon on the table and let’s have a look at it.


As you see, it starts to hang down. Let’s pierce it with the fork and look at it. Well, it has been already boiled. I think that after maximum 10-15 minutes it would break down and fall with ravioli altogether. So may be we were lucky making the experiment. Well guys, as Ruslan Khadzhaev, one of my subscribers says something like that, this video can’t be without a like. My regards to him! Thank you guys for your attention. I hope that summer was successful and you liked the videos. I’m very pleased by the fact that you are watching my videos, press like, leave comments, in spite of haters, who we are can cope with by ignoring them. It’s about three in the morning now. It’s the last day of August. Happy 1st of September in advance! Even if it sounds sad, but such is life. Bye-bye everyone!

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