How to use a mini drill with a fixed-spool reel

Hello my dear friends. In today’s video I’d like to show you how to use a mini drill with a fixed-spool reel.


. I wanted to postpone this video as I haven’t got a package with threads for fly knitting yet. So today I’ll try to show you an example using simple nylon threads. I’d like to thank you for 10000 likes, it was very interesting to read your comments, as some people liked this intrigue, and the other didn’t like it. Some wrote jealously, that I’m not going to gather 10000 likes, and subscribers would leave my channel. But we are strong. We have coped with that. Thank you very much for your support, and let’s start the work. First, we need a mini drill with a fixed-spool reel, a clamp or any cramp, the float we have made before, you may use plywood or chipboard as a table, and also a piece of plywood and a wooden brick. As for threads, I’ve told you earlier that we need threads for knitting flies, these nylon threads are too thick enough, so we won’t get the needed result. There are threads, wire, scissors and razor blades.


We will make a mini lathe with a fixed-spool reel, it won’t be used for plastic foam or wood cutting, but for making floats with the threads for knitting flies. First of all we have to set mini drill evenly, so the skewer will turn down as the reel bracing was made a bit angled. To make it even I’ve made a small angled deepening to even the reel and make it stand horizontally. We will stick it with the glue pistol, because it won’t be loaded too much.


We move to making of the back stock. Put a piece of plywood on the table, stick a wooden brick to it, find a center, and make a hole in it. The lathe for floats cutting is ready.


You may look at the design process without comments. I hope you’ll be interested in it. Pleasant viewing.

screenshot_9 screenshot_10 screenshot_11 screenshot_12 screenshot_13

I have got such a float. Actually, there are wrong threads, different colors and the result differs from the one I was expecting. However I’ll show you the final result after I receive the package. I hope you’ll like it. Also, don’t forget to cover the float with the polish several times for threads to soak in it. That’s all. Thanks for your attention. Press Like. Bye-bye!

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