How to seal a pack with plastic bottle

Hey there! My name is Roman and as usually I am with you.
Today I would like to tell you about the storage of different cereals, pasta and so on.
As you know, all of these grains should be preferably stored in a dry place and it is desirable that they are sealed.
We are not always succeed, as we used to do just nodules in the plastic bags and when we strongly fasten the knot, next time we can not just open it and have to tear off the bag.
And if it is not strongly tied, then the moisture penetrates and it spoils, even if it is semolina or maybe some flour. Some people are also use clothes pegs and little twist it , than put clothes peg, but it also is not sealed and unreliable. To make this we need a plastic bottle and we just cut a neck of it.


We can cut the neck with office knife and also scissors.
After we cut the neck, we need to align it, because we dont need any agnails, as they can cause damage to plastic bags.


In general here we have half-finished product and now we’re just a little twirl the plastic bag, open stopper, pass the bag, here we do it like this


and then spin.


As you can see all are sealed, nothing fall down and the air is not getting there.


Also, if you want to hung up the plastic bag, it depends where you keep all cereals, just do it like this and also close.


Here’s in general all information, but the most important that it is very tight, practical and convenient.
If we need rice and we keep it like this, we have to open the stopper and just pour rise here and it is very convenient and we can pour the rice what the norm we need.
Also, let’s all check everything and test it with water and check how much it is all sealed. For this, I also took plastic bag and a bottle of water. Pour water into the package bag, also poke and close. We will see how much it tightly.


As you can see everything is pretty tight and we also are able to store water there.
Many people will ask why we have to keep water in the plastic bags. People who like to buy aquarium fish, when they buy the fish, they also put it in the plastic bag, filled it with oxygen and tie.
Of course this is not always very effective and sometimes it leaks in exact place where the plastic bag was tied.
You can make this storage at home or just in the location if you have a bottle and a pair of scissors on hand. You can also close. People who sell fish, fill of the oxygen plastic bags , and you can easily and simply drop off the fish to your home. Of course it is a lot of ideas that you can store in plastic bags and for what exactly you will use them. Here’s my little idea. Thank you for your attention. Do not forget to subscribe to the channel on Youtube. Bye-bye to everybody.

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