How to put an image onto metal

Hello my dear friends! In today’s video I’d like to show you how to put any kind of image onto any kind of metal. This image is not possible to remove from metal, this mean is called etching. It is similar to engraving, but we won’t use a drill or any special headers.


In order to put an image we need a metal, on which we want to put an image. In my case it is knife. Then, we need a scotch tape, self-adhesive wallpaper. We won’t need the wallpapers itself, we just need the paper from them, as it is glossy and the ink from laser printer won’t sink in it. Also, we need a piece of plasticine, cotton disks, salt solution, which is very easy to make on your own, it’s just a half of glass of a warm tap water and one tea spoon of sea salt. Next we need wires with the crocodile clips, and the main thing is a power supply unit or an accumulator from 8 till 12 V. I’m going to use an accumulator from the screw driver. Then, we take a sheet of paper A4, iron, laser printer, it must be laser, unfortunately, jet printer want do as it has different work principle unlike the laser one. Also, we need a stencil, which you may download from our Vkontakte, Odnoklassniki or Facebook community, or find it in Google on your own, edit a bit and use it.


So let’s start! Firstly, we have to stick the paper from self-adhesive wallpaper to A4 sheet, unstick the wallpaper, we don’t need this part anymore. Although, we may use it further instead of scotch. So we put a paper, it’s necessarily to put it with the inscriptions down, as we will print the picture on upper side.


In order to fixate it, we are going to use the same wallpaper, to save scotch. Fixate it on one side. Try to do it properly, to prevent it from jam in printer.


Now we have to print a stencil on this part of the paper with the laser printer. If there’s an inscription on your stencil, you have to change it to mirror reflection, not to get the letters going hinder part before. We have got such a picture, this is a lion, and here is the inscription of Roman Ursu. As you see, the letters are placed hinder part before, as I have turned it initially to mirror reflection, however, after applying this picture the inscription will look normal.


Now we have to cut this picture out neatly with scissors. It’s important not to touch the picture with the fingers while cutting, as the paper is similar to gloss, like I said before. Paint hasn’t sunk yet, so if we put there a finger print we will get stains. We remove A4 sheet, as we won’t use it any more. And now we cut this part.


Let’s move to putting the image onto metal. Apply the stencil to knife. Guys, the most important thing is that when you are going to apply the stencil, try not to move this stencil in such a way, because you’ll get stains from the printing ink too. Now we have to press this stencil with the iron properly. I’ve set the iron on the mark 2, unfortunately, I don’t know how many degrees it is. You may try it on your own, I think that you will succeed in getting the needed temperature. Iron it properly. I place emphasis again on the fact, that you have to avoid moving the stencil, because the picture won’t be clear, and you’ll get stains. You have to press the stencil during one minute.


Then we take one cotton disk, and while the knife is hot, you should press the ink into metal intensively.


After the knife cooled down, you may unstick the paper.