How to put a picture onto metal. Metal etching with an ear stick

Hello my dear friends! Roman is here with you as usual! Today I’d like to tell you how to put a picture onto any metal at home. I think this topic will be especially interesting for fisher men, hunters, or knife amateurs.


We need a power supply, you may take computer or cell-phone power supply, then we need nail polish, I use a lid from a jar as a metal. You may also use a knife for putting pictures. Then we take a shot glass, salt, vinegar, water, ear sticks, toothpicks, towels and nail polish remover.


First, we have to cover the place under the picture with nail polish, apply it evenly.


Then, take a toothpick and scratch inscription or picture on it. I’ve painted Nike sign. While it dries, I’ll show you the solution we need to prepare.


Take a shot glass and ass a tea-spoon of salt, a tea-spoon of vinegar and some water. Mix it intensively. We have got the solution, nail polish has dried. Let’s start etching. Plug the power supply into the socket and connect two crocodile clip to it. I’ve got power supply for 12 V. Cling the cotton end of the ear stick to the crocodile clip. You should cling the second clip to the metal we are going to etch, for example, a knife. The clip on ear stick must be plus, and the sample must have a minus clip. Let me show you how to distinguish plus and minus poles. Put a contact into liquid. When you touch metal liquid must bubble. If it won’t bubble, we were wrong. Then, exchange poles, put on metal one more time, and now liquid bubbles.


Then, wet the cotton and put on the picture. As you may see, cotton is getting dark, as well as metal. This is metal etching.


About 5-10 minutes have passed. Let’s wipe it and look at the result.


. You may use scotch tape to make the picture more clear. For example, stick a piece of scotch, paint a picture on it and cut it carefully with stationary knife. Depth and definition of the picture depends on how much time the etching is on


. For example, if you etch this lid for a long time, you may burn it through. Thanks for your attention. Don’t forget to press thumb up, subscribe to the channel, and write below things you’d like me to show in the next video. Bye-bye everyone!

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