How to put a photo or image onto candle

Hello, dear friends. In today’s video I would like to show you such a great idea of how to make a unique gift for March 8. We will transfer your photos on a wax candle.


So, we need an iron, a photograph or drawing printed on plain paper, and of course candle wax. I’m preparing the candle for my girlfriend, so I’ve printed out a picture of her in advance


and first of all we have to cut it.


Now, put the iron on the mark 2, put iron near the candle and begin to press gradually.


Thus, the wax melts, the paper absorbes it and turns it in one unit.
Well that’s all, our modest, but very original gift for March 8 is ready.


By the way, you can go to my girlfriends channel MORENA DIY if you are interested in it and see how to transfer the image from the common tissue to wax candle, as well you can find a lot of interesting videos on her channel. Do not worry about iron, you can rub off the wax with a plain clout.

Do you know?
Candles are used in seven out of ten US families. Most consumers also light candles 1-3 times a week, half of them light candles for 1-2 times.

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