How to print a photo on the T-shirt at home


Hello everybody! Today I’d like to tell you a little business idea, more truly, about how you can print pictures or photos on your T-shirt at home. As far as you may know that this service costs approximately 10-12 dollars. However I’m going to tell you how you can do it in a cheaper way.
Of course, we don’t need a lot of different tools for that. There are just a skirt board, an iron, thermal paper, printer, a T-shirt you want to make a print on, and, actually, picture or photo. So let’s start and I’m going to show you the process step by step. If you have some questions concerning the thermal paper, you may ask me on YouTube, I’ll will answer you with pleasure.
Let’s start! Here is our T-shirt where we are going to print a logo, and a thermal paper. There are two types of thermal paper – for laser and jet printers, and for black or white textile. There are five sheets in the package. I bought it for eight dollars.


Initially, I have printed a logo with two sides- matte and glossy ones. We print on the matte side. Pay attention that if you want to type a print, you must change it in the mirror reflection with the help of paint or photoshop programs. Because, in case you fail to do that, your letters will be wrong side foremost.


We turn on an iron at the mark “three”. So let’s start, and I’ll show you the process. We put the picture face down and begin to iron.

Без имени-1

We need to iron it approximately 60 seconds or up to one minute. After ironing we must leave it for a minute or two to cool down. And after that we are going to remove the upper layer.
Let’s try to unstick the upper layer of the thermal paper and see what we have got.

Screenshot_15 Screenshot_16

So we have got such a T-shirt. We have spent nearly 15 minutes and less than 3 dollars instead of 12 dollars. So if this work is easy for you and you may do it on your own, don’t waste your money. If you have any questions, write them in comments on YouTube, I’ll answer you with pleasure. Thank you all for your attention. Bye everyone!