How to peel potato in a few seconds

Hi my dear friends!In today’s video I’ll show you a great idea on how to peel boiled potato easily and quickly. I guess that many of you have already faced such a problem when potato is very hot after boiling, you have to wait till it cools down and it’s hard to take the peel off it. It takes planty of time and it brings inconveniences. Today I’ll show you a very simple idea of peeling potato in maximum 10-15 seconds or even quicker. First of all we need to take boiled potato. I was boiling it for about 20-25 minutes. We need a cold tap water to cool potato down. You may also add a few ice cubes. Also we need a knife. First thing after boiling the potato you should pull it out, it’s surely hot, you have to cool it down in a cold water.


. So the peel will be taken off easily. This idea is very similar to the idea of boiling eggs. In the same way when we boil eggs we cool them down in a cold water and then shell comes off easily. We cooled potato down for 10 minutes. Then we take a knife and make a cut in the middle.


Holding the potato with two hands press it slightly at one side


and the same thing at another side.


That’s all, guys! Potato is peeled. You could make sure that that was very easy and the idea is brilliant. So good luck to the housewives at the kitchen. Thank you all for watching this video. Don’t forget to subscribe to the channel if you haven’t done it yet. Of course, leave your ideas in comments. It might happen that your idea will be shown in the next video. Bye-bye everyone!

Do you know?
There are two varieties of potato that keep blue color of peels and flesh after boiling

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