How to pack a scotch tape compactly

Hi everybody! I think everyone encountered the problem of a scotch tape storage. As we all know it’s big enough to keep it in the schoolbag or in the tourist bag, or just in the bedside chest.


Today I’m going to show you how to pack it compactly to store it in the pocket or in the bag without taking much space. First thing we need it just to press the scotch tape turning it around.


Then, we have to remove the carton and the firs layer of the scotch.


We get this, and then cut off the odds. As you may see, there’s nothing inside, and the interior side is sticky.


Now we press it.


That’s what we get, such a bar. Now let’s do the same thing with the small scotch tape. The technology is different as the interior part is plastic, but not carton. We also have to press it turning around. Then we can’t tear the spool, we just need to push it down


remove the odds, cut off. We have got the same bar, but this one is small.


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