How to open the padlock with the help of Coca-Cola can

Hello everybody!
Today I’d like to tell you how to unlock a padlock without a key. The only thing we need for this is an aluminum can from any soft-drink or from beer, for example and sure enough we need scissors.


Let’s get started!
There’s a marker on the table, I’m going to trace the can for you to understand the process better. Coca-Cola empty can, two types of padlocks and scissors.


These padlocks I took for example, in order to unlock it we need to stick the key on half, it chatters and in order to lock it we just chatter it
Such padlocks we can unlock with the help of the method I’m going to show you.

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There are padlocks which are opened with the key and locked when chattering it and wrapping the key back and it is locked.

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Let me show you how to do it step by step. We cut the can.


I’m going to draw the form to cut it out. Here is this form.



Let’s try to open the padlock. We take the loop we made before, determine where there is a narrowing, it comes that we need to open the padlock from this side.

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We take this loop and stick it into the crack and round it, stick it into the crack. After that we need to wrap these two loops, after we done it let’s try to unlock the padlock.

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