How to open a tin without a tin-opener

Hello to everybody! The weather is so beautiful, so many of you are going to the forest. And some of you might face such a situation, when you forget a bottle-opener at home and do not know how to open a tin.
Today I want to show you how to open a tin with penknife.
For this you should have a penknife. This is a simple knife, I recently was in Ukraine and bought it there for 35 grivnas, it is like 4-5 dollars.
So we put a penknife like this, trying to drive into the tin.


After this we are slightly squeezing it


and when the knife rests, we are just cutting a circle.


As you can see everything is simple and careful.
Also it is not necessary to take another device to the forest, you can do everything with a penknife.
Thank you for your attention! Bye-bye.

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