How to make waterproof matches

Hello, dear friends!
I think many of you remember how we were making waterproof matches last year.
That variant was very complicated, because we used netrolak, aluminum dust and so on, but in today’s video, I will show a simple version.
For making waterproof matches we need a gas burner, wax, matches, you can take any matches, personally I took big matches, because I didn’t find medium size matche, but of course we will shorten them a little bit. Also we will need napkins.
First let’s take a couple of matches and slightly shorten them. Then take a napkin and fold it around the match.


Now this napkin is wrapped around a match.


Now this is a fun part. Using a burner, we melt the wax and then dip the match in it.


We wait until the wax cools down and then we can do our test. We set the first match we made on fire then set on fire the second one. Let’s put a copper plate not to burn the table and fire them.


For clarity of our experiment, let’s imagine that it is windy weather and try to extinguish it.
Well that’s all, my friends. Here we have the waterproof match that burnt 9 minutes and 20 seconds. I think it is a great indicator, because in the first variant of manufacturing waterproof matches that I showed you, it could be done so, but it is much more difficult to use aluminum dust and netrolak. Well, in this variant we need only wax and napkin. I think it’s more budget and certainly easier variant. That is all, do not forget to subscribe to the channel, thumbs up if you like the video, and write in the comments what you would like that I should show you the next time. Bye-bye.

Do you know?
In 1941-1943 more than half of the Soviet enterprises of producing matches were destroyed. In 1948 production of matches was at the beginning of the 1930s. Red Army had felt the deficiency of essential commodities throughout World War II.

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