How to make vampire fangs for Halloween

Hello guys!
Recently, I have published photo with vampire fangs on Instagram, Facebook and Vkontakte. Many people asked me whether I have bought them or made it. I made them on my own with the forks as some of you guessed what I made it with Vkontakte. Today I’ll show you how I made it. I hope you’ll be interested. Traditionally, I’ll tell you what we need.


First we need four plastic forks, which you may buy in any supermarket, scissors, lighter and mini hacksaw. You may also use stationary knife instead of hacksaw. First, we have to cut the plastic forks approximately near this raised part.


Then break the handles, we don’t need them any more. Now cut all four teeth (pegs) off the first part. So take scissors and cut them off. Make it even to be convenient in the mouth. Well, the first part is ready. The second one, here we have to cut these three teeth off, and leave one at the left edge. On the third part we leave one tooth at the right edge, and cut three teeth off. The fourth part we cut as the first one.


Now we have to stick these parts together. I’ve been thinking for a long time which glue to use to avoid comments about harmfulness of super glue, that it might cause death or poisoning. So guys, I decided to use lighter, I’ll melt plastic with fire, and then solder it altogether. The most important thing is to make it round-shaped for the fangs to be convenient, and cause no discomfort in the mouth. We take two parts, melt a bit on one side and on another. Put down the fire, if it starts.
Connect them with each other.


We have to get such a thing. Then we need to burn all the semi-product except for the fangs with lighter. We do it in order to remove sharpness of the teeth and to prevent damage of gums. The black color will look like rotten teeth.


That’s all, guys, fangs are ready, and they look great! Let’s test them. By the way, a little bit of ketchup or beet will make it even better!


Do you know?
A man with the nick name “Brooklyn Vampire”, who has the real name, Albert Fish is deemed to be the most terrible vampire and maniac. His victims had been exceptionally children, whom he ate afterwards. Mr. Fish was sentenced to death penalty.
There’s not an exact number of victims, but the archive records showed an approximate estimated number from 7 till 15 children. The most interesting fact is that Albert was recognized as a sane person. Albert Fish was electrocuted on 16th January 1936.

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