How to make the sweet valentine with M&M’s

Hello to everybody!
In today’s video I want to show you how to make the original sweet valentine.
When I personally saw this idea in the Internet, it seemed very interesting, unusual and original to me, so I decided to share it with you.


To do this we will need a stapler, scissors and stencil. You can download a stencil from our group
Vkontakte, the link will be under the video.
Then we print a stencil, cut the heart out of it, by the way, these hearts can be of the different sizes. If you have a big size of the heart, you will need more M&M’s, because we will fill these hearts of the M&M’s.


Let’s make it, I hope it will be interesting for you.

screenshot_2 screenshot_3 screenshot_4 screenshot_5

It is all that I wanted to show you. Thank you for your attention! Bye-bye.

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