How to make spark plug tester

Hi everybody! Almost each automobile driver faced the issue when it was necessary to check the igniting system, exactly, the spark plug of a car. We can do it on our own without the help of the car services specialist.


First, you need to remove all the spark plugs from the head of cylinder blocks. Then, you have to look at them closely, whether there’s a deposit of soot. If there’s a deposit of soot, you should take a piece of small scale emery paper, and remove it. The second thing to look at is backlash between these two electrodes, it must be 0,7-0,9 mm. If it’s less, you need to bend the side electrode a bit, and if the backlash is bigger, you have to bend it inside a bit. Besides, we have to check the spark plug, whether it produces a spark. You can make it by binding four plugs together with wire, isolating it and connecting the wires of high voltage, spinning the engine with the starter, watching the spark. The problem is in that fact, that it takes two people to make it. One should spin the engine with the starter, and watch if there’s a spark from the plug. Today I’ll show you how to make a simple spark plug tester. We need a small crocodile clip with wire, another bigger crocodile clip, piezoelectric element from lighter and a spark plug for testing.


First, we have to solder all that properly, and then isolate. It’s necessary to avoid spark leak.


If you are in a tough situation having no tools, but you’ve got the lighter with the piezoelectric element, you may also check the spark plug in this way.


That’s all. Thank you for your attention. Be careful and drive safely! Bye-bye!

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