How to make nippers with the wood without a nail

Hi my dear friends!In today’s video I’ll show you a great idea, it’s really a brilliant idea. So guys, don’t switch or forward the video as you are going to be surprised by the result. So in this video I’ll show you how to make nippers with the wood not using any glue or nails. In order to make we need just a wooden brick. It’s better to use soft wood. We also need a knife. Well, let’s start. First we have to make two cuts through the wooden brick. To make it easier to explain I’m going to use a pencil. We need to make the cuts with 3-4 mm space before and length of 1 cm.


Then take a knife and begin to cut.


We have to get such two cuts.


We are moving to the next stage. We need to make the other cuts at 45 degrees angle. We are drawing one cut, and another one 45 degrees angle on this side.


Now we take a knife and begin to cut, making the snips till the center not deeper then the previous snip.


Next we have to make two similar cuts on the opposite side. It’s important to make them parallel. It’s better to draw the lines with the pencil and then cut on them.


The next-to-last stage is a bit harder. We have to make two more snips at 45 degrees angle from the inside cutting the central part only.


Until we split a wooden brick and we get nippers, I’m going to tell you about the cuts we’ve made one more time. First we made two cuts through


 then two more snips at 45 degrees angle


 and the same two snips have been made at 45 degrees angle on the opposite side.


In conclusion we have made two more cuts from the inside, cutting just the core, linking it with the previous cuts.


The crucial moment has come. We take a stationary knife, first we split the upper part, it’s needed to split just until the cut.


Also split the bottom part from the cut.


That’s all guys! Look what a cool nippers we have got. You may see that we have missed and we got one end longer than another.


Generally, if you try and succeed to cut it symmetrically, you will get much better nippers. That’s all my dear friends. We have got such beautiful wooden nippers. Don’t forget to press thumbs up, subscribe to the channel if you haven’t done it yet. The most important thing that you should share this video with your friends in social networks. I will press like on it if I find it, and may be even comment on it. Also leave comments with your ideas about what you would like me to show in my next video. Have a nice day! Bye-bye!

Do you know?
At Valentine Ignatenko Moldova children’s hospital patients were operated with the building implements. There were a drill and rusty nippers.

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