How to make mini-hiding

Hello my dear friends! After I had published the video on how to make a mini-hiding with a pencil, I received a lot of requests on skype, vkontakte, and dnoclassniki to make one more video about mini-hidings or some spy tricks. So in this video I’ll try to show you how to make a mini-hiding with wine stopper, you can also use a stopper from champaign. So let’s get to work.


First we need ruler, stationary knife, one drill, a piece of cooper or aluminum pipe, if you haven’t got both, you may use a piece of thick plastic marker instead of metal pipe, one stopper, marker or felt pen.


. Firstly, we have to prepare metal pipe. Put it on a stopper, measure 0,5 cm at one end, and the same distance should be left at the second end. Put a mark and cut.


Then find the middle of a stopper with the ruler, put a mark, and cut it carefully into two parts with stationary knife.


The last thing we have got to do is so called jeweler’s job — to make two holes with drill manually, the holes shouldn’t be made through stopper, you must leave 0,5 cm of space at both ends.


Unfortunately, I failed to drill the stopper from inside, because it is very soft, and drill won’t cut it, but crumbles. That’s why I did it another way, I’ve heated the drill at another side and melt the stopper from inside. Since the holes were ready, I’ve heated an aluminum pipe on the stove, so the pipe stuck to stopper well. If you use a plastic pipe, you can stick it with super glue.


Well, my dear friends, mini-hiding with stopper is ready.


You may keep some important passwords, golden chains, earrings, or any other precious things in it. Thank you very much for your attention. Don’t forget to like the video, subscribe to the channel, if you are not subscribed yet, and the most important thing – write in comments what you want me to show you in the next video. Bye-bye everyone!

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