How to make lollipops

Hello my dear friends! In today’s video I’d like to show you an interesting idea of how to make unusual lollipops.


What do we need for this? First, we need oven, previously, I’ve removed a dripping-pan from it. Pallets, barbecue skewers or toothpicks. You may use one of these three variants, or use them all at once to get different candies. We need such sugar candies. If you can’t find such candies, you may also use barberry or pear drop candies. We also need baking paper.


Let’s start. First of all we have to put baking paper on the dripping-pan, then put wooden pallets, two barbecue skewers and a few toothpicks as for a change. Next, take candies and put them on the pallet. I put different colors to make it beautiful. Move to the second pallet. We have to get something like this.


Now put the dripping-pan into oven, pay attention that candies are in the same place while moving them.  5 minutes (200 C). Lollipops are almost ready.


The first one is very nice, the second one is not so bad, and the rest are terrible. So, I don’t recommend you to use neither barbecue skewers, nor toothpicks, use medical wooden pallets or ice cream sticks only. You won’t scratch lollipops from the paper, even if you oil it previously. So, we are going to do one more trick. Put lollipops aside, pour a simple tap water and put lollipops there.


Wait till it will soak, and then lollipops can be removed easily. Paper is soaked, so we may remove lollipops. First lollipops, second, third, fourth and the fives one.


Do you know.
“Chupa Chups” was the first candy which flew to space. In 1995 it has been at the Mir space station.

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