How to make logo prints on T-shirts

Hi everybody! In today’s video I’ll show you how to make logo prints on T-shirts using wax pencils.


We need wax pencils, T-shirt, logo or text stencil we wan to print. I’ve got the logo of the Roman Ursu channel. Pencil sharpener, a few clips, a sheet of paper, a piece of carton and iron.


Firstly, we have to put a piece of carton inside the T-shirt. This is necessary in order not to dirty the T-shirt through. In order to remove lines, cling the T-shirt to carton with clips. Put a stencil and start sharpening pencils on it.


Then cover it with two sheets of paper, set the iron on the maximum temperature and press it.

screenshot_5 screenshot_6

That’s all. We have made such a T-shirt. We have spent just 1 dollar as that’s the cost of the wax pencils. I’d like to inform you that we have made a community vkontakte. I’ll be glad if you join. The link is down below the video. Thanks for your attention. Roman was here with you. Bye-bye everyone!

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