How to make hunter’s matches

Hello my dear friends! In today’s video I’d like to show you how to make hunter’s matches
You may ask me what the hunter’s matches are. The answer is simple, the are water and wind proof matches.


In order to make hunter’s matches we need nitrolaquer, which you may buy in a tool shop. We also need ammonia nitrate, you may buy it in flower shops, and silver stain. Many people asked me what it is, and from where to get it. I’ve bot it in the market, it’s also called an aluminum dust. In order to make silver stain at home, you need to take emery paper, thick aluminum wire, scratch it, and the you get the dust like a silver stain. Then, we need a plastic glass, matches, tea-spoon, barbecue skewer and felt pen or marker.


Firstly, we have to mix silver stain with ammonia nitrate in 1:1 proportion. So we add one tea-spoon of ammonia nitrate and one tea-spoon of silver stain.


Then, add nitrolaquer to this solution till it becomes like dough. Use syringe to mix it easier. We need to get such a consistence. Spread the mass with the felt pen in a thin layer and cut to small stripes.


Apply the mass on a match in such a way to leave the sulfur half open.


Wait till matches dry, then immerse them into nitrolaque, and after drying the matches are almost ready for usage. Hunter’s matches are ready. Let’s make a test.


Do you know?
Russian/Soviet box of matches has 5 cm length according to All-Union State standard. This provides an opportunity to measure things with it.

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