How to make Gas-jet (up to 1000C)

Hello my dear friends! As usual, Roman is here with you. Today I’d like to tell you in this video how to make a gas-jet, its burn temperature will reach up to 10000C


First we need two dropping bottles and two needles. The thicker needle is for inflating balls and the second one is from a simple injection syringe.


Firstly, we should make a little cut or hole in the thicker needle near this place.


We will pass the second needle through it and then wrap it with a copper wire and solder it not to allow passage of anything. We should get the something like this


That’s all, the gas-jet is almost ready, the one thing that left is to connect gas bottles or, for instance, gas lighters or balloon with pressed air. Gas will go through the thick needle and the pressed air will pass through the thin needle. Also, there are two controllers which will let us regulate gas pressure and pressed air pressure. It is very easy to get pressed air with the help of a compressor which produces oxygen for fish aquarium. Also we may use simple plastic bottle, inflate it with the help of pump and we will get pressed air as well.

Screenshot_21 Screenshot_22 Screenshot_23 Screenshot_24 Screenshot_25 Screenshot_26 Screenshot_27 Screenshot_28 Screenshot_29 Screenshot_30 Screenshot_31 Screenshot_32 Screenshot_34

That’s all, my dear friends, thank you for your attention! We have got such a mini gas-jet. Don’t forget to press a thumb up if you liked this video, I think it will take a second to do it. I will be very pleased and there will be a motivation for me to make more and more interesting videos. So thank you for your attention! This was Roman. Bye-bye!