How to make fireworks or a wick

Hi everybody! Today I’d like to tell you how to make Bengal fire or a wick at home.


There’s been a long time since you asked me on skype to show how to make a smoke flare, screen or grenade. So today I’m going to show you how to make a wick for it. And tomorrow I’ll show you how to make a smoke flare itself. In order to make a wick we need 3 plastic cups, water, a plain thread, it’s better to use a thick one, with absorbing ability. Here is a wool thread, it’s not so thick, as I’ve got no other at hand. We also need sugar powder and saltpeter. Don’t confuse it with an ammonium nitrate, because they are different. I’ve bought this one from some dude, I payed about 5 dollars for it. I guess that it is on sale in the agricultural shops, because nitrates are used to speed up the growing of plants.


So let’s get stated. First, we have to draw a merge on a cup. Take a cup and put mark on it.


Then pour sugar powder into a cup approximately till the mark we made before.


Next step is adding the saltpeter. Move the sugar powder to another cup. The proportion is 60/40. There should be 40 per cent of sugar powder and 60 per cent of saltpeter. So we are going to pour saltpeter approximately till the top mark.


Add saltpeter.


That’s it. Then we have to pour water into the cup. Amount of water should be equal with the amount of saltpeter. So we pour water till the top mark. That’s ready. I’m going to tell you what we have to make further, and show you everything without comments. Heat a frying pan on a slow fire, then add water, next add sugar powder, mix it intensively, and then add saltpeter. Mix all that together. Afterwards, take a thread and sink it in water. Mix it till a sticky consistence, then pull it out and put on a dripping-pan. Put it into oven at 100 degrees for 5-7 minutes. You must follow safety rules, as this content is inflammable. So be very careful.

Water, sugar, KNO3.


Put into oven at 120 degrees for 15 minutes.


Bengal fires are ready. Let’s test it.


Thanks for your attention, see you tomorrow and I’ll tell you how to make a smoke flare. We are going to use these Bengal fires instead of wicks. Thanks for your attention. Bye!

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