How to make fireballs with the mouth

Hi my dear friends! I think each of you had been interested in the question how does a fireman blow out the fire from the mouth. In today’s video I’ll try to tell and show you this. We are going to repeat it at home. Well, what is needed for this matter? We need to take a corn starch as a potato starch is burning not so good. Then we need a table-spoon, a torch or burner. You can also make it with a simple lighter. But I should warn you at once that lighter fire is going to die away from time to time when we are going to blow out the starch. So it’s better to use something more powerful. Before we start the video I’d like to tell you about safety. You should get a fire extinguisher, also go outside before you try indoors.


Let’s start. First, we have to put starch into the mouth, fire the burner and hold it at the distance of 35-40 cm. Then you just have to blow out starch with darts to get the fire from the mouth. It’s important not to forget about fire extinguisher, it should be next to you and you are able to use it in case of any emergency and put the fire out.

screenshot_2 screenshot_4 screenshot_3

That’s all for today my dear friends. Thank you so much for your attention. Don’t forget to share this video with your friends in the social networks. I’ll press like on this post if I see it. Have a nice day! Bye-bye!

Do you know?
In order to get a potato starch potato bulbs are ground up. The bottom in the form of starch is extracted by means of fluviraption of the ground potato and further defecation.

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