How to make fire from AA battery

Hi everybody!
Today I’d like to tell you how to get fire from AA battery.


We need AA battery, scissors, a piece of cotton, I’ve got unrefined cotton, and a foil. It should consist of two parts: paper and foil. You may take such foil from cigarettes or chewing gum plates pack, wrapped in half paper foil.


First we have to cut a half of centimeter stripe.


We need to get approximately such stripe. Then we bend it inside and cut this part to about 1 mm, not thicker.


Then we put some cotton on the foil and connect to the battery.


As you see, we did it well. I have put a small piece of cotton not to make a lot of smoke in the room. Of course, you may put more cotton in order to set fire. There’s one more way for which we need two batteries. First thing we have to do is to cut the stripe, it may be of about 1 cm. Also bend the foil inside. Now this part may be up to 2 mm as we use two batteries. We take a piece of cotton, then connect one and to minus and the second one connect to plus. Then put it on the foil.


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