How to make Fanta at home

Hello my dear friends! Roman is here with you as usual! In today’s video I’d like to show you how to make Fanta at home. The recipe was published in our community Vkontakte earlier, and then the administration and I decided to make a video, as I think that it would be more interesting to watch video than read an article.


First, we need 700 g of water, 1 lemon, 4-5 oranges, choose big oranges, as they are more juicy. 100-150 g of sugar, and 500-700 ml of soda water.


First of all we need to wash fruits with warm water and pass through juicer together with the citron.

Screenshot_3 Screenshot_4 Screenshot_5

Then, put flesh and juice into saucepan, 700 ml of boiling water, and boil it 1,5-2 minutes on a mild fire. If you’ve got cold water, you need to wait till the first bubbles, which indicate the process of boiling, and note the time.


We have to get approximately such a consistence, it should cool down and you have to put it into refrigerator for about 3-4 hours. Next, we take a big sieve, filter it, and spread the juice we’ve got in the mineral water.

Screenshot_9 Screenshot_10

That’s all, my dear friends. Thank you all for your attention! Home made Fanta is ready! Frankly speaking, it’s far more tasty than the one bought in shop, because you may feel natural scent and taste of oranges. Many people may ask me, why I called it Fanta, instead of orange juice. First of all, it contains carbonates as soda water does. Secondly, we use concentrated juice instead of clear one. That’s all for now! Thank you for your attention one more time! Don’t forget to press thumb up, if you liked this video, subscribe to my channel, if you haven’t done it yet. Bye-bye everyone!

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